Thursday, 30 October 2014


VOODOO is probably - I say probably, I mean totally - my favourite bar in Belfast. The downstairs is a delight of rock and roll bar visuals and Blue Moon on tap. The upstairs is a great space, the right size for an intimate gig. And with a lineup like this, we should have one hell of an evening ahead of us...


Opening things up we have a band that need to instantly be at the top of your "to watch" list, Lisburn's THE CRAWLING. And holy shit, what a debut show. A sound often not unlike CARCASS, yet tinged with blackness and doom, in genre and in meaning. "End Of The Noose", "Catatonic" and "Breathe Through Concrete" are all songs we want on record right fucking now. This is one hell of a tight performance, and a band that demonstrate why you should get your ass down to a gig early and support the local scene.


Now this is proper fucking death metal right here. You may have caught a few of their tracks on the fantastic A SPLIT WORSE THAN DEATH CD last year (also featuring FOETAL JUICE and BASEMENT TORTURE KILLINGS. Sick.), and it was great to hear tracks like "Of Sadists And Surgeons" and "Immolation Race" live and in the flesh. With a drummer who seems to want to slaughter his kit, meaty riffs that illustrate the importance of two guitarists when you want to have the best live sound on the scene and let us not forget the vocalist, with his crazy eyes and murder vokills to back it up. No fucking around here. We also had a few brand new tracks dropped, so the future is bright for ZOMBIFIED. A deathly delight.

You should watch their set over at Youtube. Try and spot our CoN reviewer. Big hint: he's the guy with the long hair in the black t-shirt...


So these lads start to play, and you realise they're fucking noise mongers. A great blend of the death metal we have had and the grind in front of us, pity the crowd aren't totally into it. Doesn't stop the band though. a top notch set.


And after three sets of proper death, SQUASH BOWELS are here to bring it, quick and dirty. They may not win any awards for originality, but this is good ol' fashioned grindcore the way your ma likes it. Fun fast tunes, like it's our last night on earth to party. Shame that you can only count on one hand the people up for a jump around and a laugh - nice PUTRID PILE hoodie, buddy. You'd think on a Friday night in the city the headbangers would want to let their hair down, but after a laugh, a beer, a great set and a boogie I look around and the crowd is depleted. Shame on you Belfast, well played SQUASH BOWELS.

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